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Urine Stain Treatment

Carpet stains are not uncommon for homeowners with household pets. Pets will urinate on carpet for various reasons such as; an act of territorialism, anxiety, or simply out of need. Especially for pets that are not neutered. UN-neutered pets will urinate on everything. From curtains and furniture to shoes and handbags in your house.

Our technicians at Fiber Dry are specially trained to locate all pet stains using high powered ultra violet lamps. Through our cleaning process, infected areas are specially treated and removed.

Staining potential and the color of your pets urine often depend on the dietary habits as well as the age of your pet. High protein foods will produce a darker, stronger smelling and more acidic urine. Foods higher in carbohydrates produce more alkaline urine with pets and is less likely to stain carpet and does not produce as potent an odor. Typically, cats will produce the harsh odors and are more likely to cause stains due to the fact that their diets are higher in protein than that of a dogs.

Age is also a factor in that the older the pet, the more the renal function diminishes, producing urine containing more plasma proteins. Less uric acid is secreted in this urine and it is less likely to stain your carpets; however, it will produce a strong odor. In almost all cases cat urine is the worst in producing stains.

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