Tile & Grout Cleaning

The Tile Cleaning Process

In addition to carpet, other floor coverings have been gaining popularity. Ceramic tiles and hardwood floors are just a few types of hard surfaces now in demand. Like carpet these too eventually need professional attention. The most common tool used by the homeowner is the mop. This appears to do an effective job for a period of time, but eventually dirt and grime are absorbed into the grout between the tiles and buildup causes the tiles to appear dull and dingy. Fiber Dry’s exclusive steaming process removes dirt and bacteria from both the tile and grout leaving it in like new condition.

Residential Tile

Fiber Dry is your answer to grease or soil buildup in kitchens, sun rooms and more. Soap scum in bathrooms and pool rooms are no problem with our exclusive process. Fiber Dry’s deep cleans many types of tile surfaces. We even offer a professional grade sealer for the grout to ensure maximum protection.

Commercial Tile Cleaning

There is something to be said for the beauty of spotless tile floors with clean grout lines. It creates such a fresh clean atmosphere. Fiber Dry’s Turbo Clean system can make almost any tile look and feel like new! Find your worst area and a Fiber Dry’s representative will come out and clean an area to show you what clean really is (destroying dirt, grease, and bacteria for an amazingly clean floor). Most people think mopping does an adequate job, but the grout sits lower than the tile, causing the dirt and grease to accumulate there creating the perfect environment for bacteria to live and breed. Fiber Dry’s process not only removes the dirt, grease, and bacteria, we then seal the grout protecting your floors between cleanings. Trust in Fiber Dry to give your establishment the look it needs and deserves.

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